June 13, 2003
Just another "godless heathen..."

From the Teen Mania message board. The questioner quotes and refers to the contents of my signature file on that board.


What do you mean by: "Just another "godless heathen" named Mike. Never gonna bow, nothin' to confess. Now what?"? It just seemed strange.

Let's just say that some people would use exactly those two words, "godless heathen," to describe me, not being a Christian and having no intention of ever joining the faith, so to speak.

The second part comes from having received a considerable amount of... I'll be nice and just call it language, both in person and online, from a number of Christians as a response to either my physical or online presence as something of a critic of what they might be doing. Such individuals will spend considerable time and/or space babbling some contradictory nonsense about not trying to convert me at the same time they're engaging me in a transaction whose only possible purpose IS to convert me, then finish it off with a one-liner from the Bible:

EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that HE is LORD.

As far as I'm concerned there's only one acceptable answer to that: "No." I would have thought my way of putting it would have been obvious enough, but I think others have also raised the same question, to which I ask, what's so strange about it? I'd think it was a response you'd easily understand, and I'd also think you'd have heard that Biblical quote, to which I'm referring, more than a few times by now.

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