November 11, 2003
Colorado Springs Tour 2: The (defunct) Josiah Center

The former headquarters of a bunch of organizations associated with Cindy Jacobs, including Generals of Intercession, stands vacant on Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs.

Former location of the "Josiah Center," Colorado Springs, Colorado. May 17, 2003. Copyright © 2003 Michael T. Doughney.

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I am a college student and a member of SETA (Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and I happened to stumble across your website.

I have not read through much of this website, therefore I do not know what the intent of this website is...for information? To simply anger those who are vegetarians or vegans and create an uproar? Or to possibly stand for something you really do feel is right? I do not know.

Quite possibly you dont understand vegetarians. A year ago I myself would have thought the whole thing ridiculous. But now I am a compassionate vegetarian and would not be had I not been informed.

Eating meat hurts animals. Wearing their fur hurts them. Chickens beaks are sliced off with hot blades while they are under no anethestics, cows are hung upside down to bleed to death. Fur camps are concentration camps, where they are tortured and starved. These are just two of MANY examples. Animals feel pain and fear.

Over half the grain grown in the United States goes to feeding these animals. Grain from third world countries are shipped to the US to feed OUR meat industry. There are thousands of people starving all over the world. You do the math.

Thounds of acres of rainforest are cut down to make room for the animals. This is the biggest cause of deforestation in the world.

80% of all water pollution in the United States is caused from the excretement of animals.

Vegetarians/vegans are not just about animal rights. They are about human rights. About environmental rights.

Please, just show some compassion.

Posted by: Shannon on November 22, 2003 02:39 PM

I'm so gratified to know that most readers of this here weblog will have absolutely no idea what you are obsessing about, or why.

Posted by: Mike Doughney on November 23, 2003 04:05 PM
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