June 25, 2003
I really hate being right about this stuff

Mike and Lauren wrote in January 2001:

Deconstructing John Ashcroft
... Ashcroft said under oath [during his confirmation hearings], "Injustice in America against any individual must not stand. No ifs, ands or buts, period." And later, "Well, I don't believe it's appropriate to have a test based on one's religion for a job." Both of these statements contradict his involvement in creating legislation which would create a privileged class of employers that would be allowed to discriminate at will against those who they might think were unsuitable for employment solely on the basis of religious belief. He even went as far as to give a specific example of a firing of one person justified by this kind of policy, which he has used to support consideration of an employee's religious beliefs as a prerequisite to employment.

Washington Post staff writers report today:

Bush Backs Religious Charities On Hiring
President Bush called on Congress yesterday to make it easier for federally funded religious groups to base their hiring decisions on a job candidate's religion and sexual orientation.

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