July 02, 2004
A new service from American Life League: Photo Interpretation on Acid

From: "Leslie Tignor" ltignor@all.org
Date: 2004/07/02 Fri AM 10:55:24 EDT
To: "Prayers for Life" <gflanagan@cox.net>,
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Subject: Amazing Photograph

Dear Associates,

A most amazing, almost frightening, photograph has been brought to the attention of American Life League yesterday. I will attempt to obain a copy and laser it this weekend for distribution to you next week. However, if you're able, obtain a copy of Time magazine's June 21 issue and look at page 34. The article is about the current debate concerning reception of the Holy Eucharist by pro-choice "Catholic" politicians and the response of American bishops. The photo in the upper half of the page is Senator John Kerry receiving communion at Archbishop O'Malley's installation ceremony.

If you look closely at the host Kerry is receiving, you'll notice that the image is one of a tiny baby - the head, right eye, nose and mouth are discernable - the bottom half is red, bloody red.

The upper portion of the image is likely, some would say, caused by reflection of light, shadows, positioning of Kerry's hand, etc; but, there is nothing anywhere close to explain the red portion of the photograph.

So far, we've been able to ascertain that the picture was not "doctored" in any way. It seems obvious to me that neither the photographer nor publishers noticed - otherwise they would not have printed it!

If you see, let me know what you think.

Leslie Tignor
Director, Associate Program
Assistant Director, Dentists for Life
American Life League

Posted by Mike Doughney at July 02, 2004 07:18 PM
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