July 08, 2004
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Posted by Mike Doughney at 12:17 AM
July 04, 2004
Latest News - Answering Operation Save America in Columbus, Ohio - July 4,2004

This is a summary of the latest news and information regarding Operation
Save America's upcoming event in Columbus, Ohio, and the organization of an
effective oppositional response. For details, go to

Latest News

July 4: Smyrna Baptist Announced As Host Church: Operation Save America has
announced that Smyrna Baptist Church, 1650 Wilson Avenue, Columbus, will be
the host church during their week-long event.

July 4: Last Minute "Free" Coffee and Donuts: Minutemen United have
announced that Flip Benham, OSA director, will be appearing at a breakfast
at High Street Baptist Church, Tuesday July 6 at 8 am.

July 4: We've added to the website a summary of which Columbus area churches
are supporting OSA. http://www.theanswerisno.org/index2.html#churches

Last month: We updated our website's front page awhile back with something
of a mission statement. If you haven't seen the site since about June 23 or
so, please take a look. http://www.theanswerisno.org/

Special Notice

* Those who are interested in participating in the Clinic Escort/Defense
training program should contact me directly, or at
contact@theanswerisno.org, for further instructions. The next training
session will be on July 8.

Mike Doughney and Lauren Sabina Kneisly
Answering Operation Save America in Columbus, Ohio - July 2004

Posted by Mike Doughney at 12:32 AM