June 23, 2004
Latest News- Answering Operation Save America in Columbus, Ohio - June 23,2004

This is a summary of the latest news and information regarding Operation
Save America's upcoming event in Columbus, Ohio, and the organization of an
effective response. For details, go to http://www.theanswerisno.org/.

Latest News

Operation Save America leaders' statements move from "maliciously clueless"
to "dangerously delusional"

Mike Doughney writes: OSA leadership has issued false claims over the past
six days, alleging that the two of us who operate this website somehow
"disrupted" the OSA national event three years ago in Wichita, Kansas. They
are mischaracterizing our work today as an attempt to "silence their voice"
here in Columbus.

OSA leadership is now insisting that we somehow organized a "concerted
effort" against them in Wichita by getting "Refuse and Resist" to somehow
disrupt their events while we watch with cameras.

The idea that Refuse and Resist listens to us for direction is hilarious.
Nevertheless, OSA leaders, as shown from their online statements, truly
believe that they face this kind of well-organized conspiracy from the
imaginary foes they see in the mirror. This is the kind of nonsense that you
get from people who can't ever believe that individuals, disorganized and
unaffiliated with visible organizations, might on their own just disagree
with them, and be willing to stand up and say so in public.

For the record, BARF is two people, and Lauren Sabina and I are not part of
any coalition or formally organized opposition. We are just telling what
we've learned about OR/OSA over the past seven years and sharing it with
whoever cares to hear about it here in Columbus. It is likely that most of
our views and advice will be disregarded here.

The charge that anyone with "Refuse and Resist" is going to "submit to the
leadership" of an SUV-driving, meat-eating, white male heterosexual hardcore
capitalist is so ridiculous it isn't even worth answering, nor would we want
that role, if that role even exists anywhere.

Media Coverage

* "'Save America' group can't handle progress," Letter to the Editor from
Mike Doughney, The Columbus Dispatch, June 21, 2004.

Special Notice

* Those who are interested in participating in the Clinic Escort/Defense
training program should contact me directly, or at
contact@theanswerisno.org, for further instructions.

Mike Doughney and Lauren Sabina Kneisly
Answering Operation Save America in Columbus, Ohio - July 2004

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