July 31, 2003
Dysfunctional Americana 21: San Diego, California

Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, San Diego. Another church right up against the freeway, with an ODC (Ostentatious Display of Christianity). It also shows what you end up with when people run around saying "God Bless America" in a subculture that highly values reciprocation.

They also have a billboard inside Qualcomm Stadium, which we saw during the Billy Graham Crusade, but it's there all the time.

Mission Valley Christian Fellowship, building, signs and Qualcomm Stadium billboard, in San Diego, California. May 9, 2003. Copyright © 2003 Michael T. Doughney.

Posted by Mike Doughney at July 31, 2003 11:05 AM | TrackBack

I went to the Billy Graham crusade in San Diego last year. He was very well spoken, and held true to biblical insight. I enjoyed it immensely!

Posted by: Rachel on May 26, 2004 08:37 AM
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